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Gray Parrot: Mind-Blowing-Facts

Gray Parrot

The African gray parrot is one of the most prolific breeding birds on earth and is a favorite among bird lovers. This makes this parrot at the peak of popularity. It is medium in size and has a red tail. It is an intelligent bird.

Amazing Effect of Gray Parrot

This parrot is also called Congo. These parrots are the most intelligent birds on the planet. They are often kept as pets. These birds are known for their uncanny ability to mimic human speech. They are so good at it that they are often considered the best talkers of all parrot species. These parrots are native to the rainforests of West Africa, where they are found in countries such as Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon. The species is listed as endangered due to the pet trade. In fact, wild populations of gray parrots have declined by as much as 99 percent in some areas.

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