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Lovely Blue Birds in USA: 6 Amazing Pictures

Lovely Blue Birds in USA

The eastern bluebird (Sialia cialis) and western bluebird (Sialia mexica) are two of the magnificent song Birds in USA recognized for their exquisite blue plumage and catchy melodies. Bird enthusiasts are drawn to these little to medium-sized birds because of their elegance and beautiful flying. Across the United States, bluebirds can be found in open woodlands and meadows. Being cavity nesters, they frequently use nest boxes or naturally occurring tree cavities. Because to competition from non-native species and habitat change, bluebird populations have seen severe decreases.

And let me clarify, “When I say bluebirds, I mean birds that are partially or completely blue.” Amazingly, we’ll look at bluebirds in the USA in this guide.

I have included information about the males and females of each species. But please note that most species of males are bluer than females. Sometimes the substance is a more moderate blue or a completely different color.

Some birds are considered “blue” birds in USA.

6 Beautiful Blue Birds in USA

1. Barn swallow

Hirundo rustica

Identifying Features:

A small bird in USA with a flat head, thin bill, pointed wings, thick neck, and barbed tail.

Both sexes have the same distinctive metallic blue, rusty brown underparts, forehead, and crest of the throat. The white spots on the tail are usually visible during flight. Women are equally daring in colors.

These bluebirds are commonly found in open fields, grasslands, pond marshes, or coastal waters bird in the United States.

2. Blue Jay

Cyanocitta cristata

Identifying Features:

The back is covered with beautiful blue feathers with black bars. The underparts are white.

Her head is surrounded by a black necklace with a blue crest on top.

Males and females look alike.

Some people dislike the Blue Jays, but I love their bold personality. Their high intelligence makes these birds interesting to observe, not to mention their plumage is spectacular.

Blue jays are one of the noisiest birds in the United States.

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3. Cliff Swallow

Petrochelidon pyrrhonota

Identifying Features:

Small head, round body and square tail.

Both sexes look similar with dark blue backs and crowns, rusty faces, black wings, orange plumage and white underparts.

A white marking on the bill, sometimes brown.

If you see a flock of blue Birds in USA, it could be a group of cliff swallows!

4. Belted Kingfisher

Megaceryle alcyon

Identifying Features:

Both sexes are bluish-gray with a white neck and underparts. Long mohawk feathered crown with long bill.

Females are bluish-gray and white in color and lighter in color than males. Females also have a rusty color on their abdomens.

Males are blue-gray with a white neckband and a blue-gray breast band.

This species has received an award for being one of the best-looking bluebirds in the USA. Its distinctive high crown feathers and large long bill on its small body will help you identify them easily.

5. Indigo Bunting

Passerina cyanea

Identifying Features:

Males are completely blue with striped wings and a silver bill.

Females are gray with a white breast. There is only a little blue on the wings, tail, or rump.

Indigo buntings are a strikingly beautiful bluebird native to the United States. No wonder he is known as the Blue Canary.

6. Little Blue Heron

Egretta caerulea

Identifying Features:

Adults have a slate gray body and purple head and neck.

Juveniles during their first year, these herons are completely white!

Regardless of the bird’s age, look for a two-toned bill, which is gray with a black tip.

Little blue herons are bluebirds found in shallow wetlands in the United States.